Answers to FAQ's at bottom of page.

Don't have a punchpass account? No stress, just click on the class you want to attend on the schedule above then click the button "create account".

Don't want to use an online booking system? We get it, yoga is your time away from technology. You are welcome to risk class being full and just show up. Your teacher will book you in when you arrive. Please note, we cap our regular studio class numbers at 24 and can only guarantee you a place on your mat if you have booked in advance.

Can't figure it out? No problem. Just show up to your next class 10 minutes early and we will guide you through it. 

Want to pay cash? Great! We lovingly accept cash at the studio.

Need to cancel? We understand. Cancellations are available up until one hour before the class start time, your pass will be saved for next time.

How do I cancel? There are 2 ways to do this; one, click on the link in your reservation confirmation email; two, sign in to your punchpass account and cancel the class from there.

What happens if I forget to cancel? Potentially somebody else misses out. While we a compassionate that the only constant in life is change we request that you take a breath and a few moments to cancel with as much notice as possible. If the class is full, your cancellation will notify somebody on the waitlist that there is room for them to attend. Where possible please cancel with enough time for somebody else to get to class at a relaxed pace.

Thanks for considering the other members of your yoga community.