Upside Down Days with Kristine Ragus - Volume #2, 31/08/19 1-3pm


Upside Down Days with Kristine Ragus - Volume #2, 31/08/19 1-3pm


Challenge, inspire and progress your practice.

A 3 part series designed to get you off your feet and onto your hands.

Explore & learn to safely transition into & out of key inverted Asanas and incorporate them into your Yoga practice.

We will be building the foundation for these movements & poses, so each session will begin with a warm up, drills and techniques before progressing into upside down play.

Inversions not only provide a fresh boost of energy for the body & mind, they challenge us to see our practice, ourselves and our own landscape from from a different point of view.

Suitable for all levels.

This ticket is for attendance at Volume #2 on Saturday 31st August only. If you would like to attend all 3 session please book the “Flight School” Package of all 3 workshops.

This ticket is non-refundable. Transfer to another participant is available if you are unable to attend.

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Volume 1 & 2 Focus…

  • Building the foundation - Warm up, essential drills techniques & anatomy

  • Hand placement for Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) & upper body placement for Forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana)

  • Falling safely (this is important!)

  • Practicing with integrity - applying the breath & Yoga philosophy to your inversion practice

  • Entries and dismounts from handstand and forearm stand (and incorporating these into Will include wall, partner and freestanding work.

More about Kristine…

Kristine began Yoga as a way to deal with chronic pain. First beginning for the physical side of Yoga that enhanced her mobility and healed old injuries, she stayed with the practice for the mental and spiritual. Yoga was a way to help herself and she began to share the practice to help others experience the same benefits.

Believing in the power of a Yoga practice to heal & inspire positive change, Kristine offers a practice to move away from the pace of modern life and turn within . Weaving philosophical, anatomical, elemental themes combined with Asana, Meditation & Pranayama to create a moving meditation. With the intent of getting you out of your head and into your body.

An ex- competitive Gymnastics champion, Kristine loves to revisit her roots through hand balancing and inversions and offers progressive options to inspire & take you out of your comfort zone.

Completing her initial training (2015) Revelstoke, BC, Canada under Senior Yin & Vinyasa teachers Aman Rai & Jai Kairupa, and has since undertaken continuing education in Lyrical sequencing, the Chakra system, Meditation, Theming & Philosophy and has most recently finished continuing education in Advanced Inversions and Myofascial flow with Dylan Werner.