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Vinyasa Flow

No bookings/online sign in is required to attend individual classes. Class Passes/Memberships can be used to attend any class on a casual basis. Please note, bookings are required for all courses and events.

Level/Suitability: All levels. Not suitable for injuries.

Focus: Dynamic movement, breath, core work, strengthening, flexibility, energizing, solar

Music: No Music

Teacher: Lauren Mills

Decription: Synchronise breath and movement in a dynamic vinyasa flow practice. Live in alignment with the daily micro-rhythm of sunrise and sunset through the solar and lunar focus of these classes.

Morning Flow classes are energising and uplifting in quality (yang/solar). Turn up the heat with more core work, strengthening poses and a longer standing sequence. You can expect to sweat and feel satisfied with your efforts before shavasana without overstimulating your nervous system. Stay focused and energised all day long.

Evening flow classes are grounding and releasing in quality (yin/lunar). Enjoy a longer inversion and forward folding cycle at the end of class to cool and calm down while returning blood to the vital organs before dropping into an extra long shavasana.

Read more about our approach to Vinyasa Flow Yoga (incorporating Hatha Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda) on our "about" page.

Please note, there are not eftpos facilities available at the studio. If you are unable to purchase a class pass or membership online, please bring cash.

Please B.Y.O. mat, we only have a few spares.