Common Earth's Mission Statement

Common Earth seeks to ignite a global movement towards holistic living by inspiring sustainable and conscious living practices that benefit the health and wellness of individuals meanwhile lessening the collective environmental footprint of humanity on our earth.

How do we do this?..

We find common ground between embodied movement practices; such as yoga, surfing, freediving and rock climbing;

conscious living practices; such as permaculture, natural building, off-grid living, plant-based nutrition, ayurveda and mindfulness;

and sustainable creative processes; such as natural fibre craft, ecological art and sustainable design.

The Practice

The Place

(or should we say palace?)


It all started when...

(So much suspense!..the story of how Common Earth Studio was born into being will be posted here soon.)


The People


Claire Pianta

founder of common earth

mover of hearts and humans

maker of beauty

creator of edible gardens

conductor of flow


(The full story on what moves Claire to share yoga coming soon.)